Monday, July 4, 2011

Urban Ohio by car: in brief.

Below are Cincinnati and Columbus - from the car.

We spent an evening in Cincinnati at a lovely wedding and swung over the Kentucky border in the morning in order to turn around and get a better view of what appeared to be Ohio's crowning metropolis.  It's a shame we didn't have time to explore the city as it seemed lively and interesting - and deliciously hot.

The Hilton (The Netherlands) was a nice hotel with an excellent Sunday brunch.  What they got right, the got exceedingly right.  Brunch was a cornucopia of delicious food: made to order omelets, belgian waffle bar, assorted meats sliced to your request, a cheese table, pastries, substantial fruit spread, endless crab claws and shrimp, juice and coffee, and a delightful dessert table.  Oh, my!  Yum!  The same went for what they got wrong: not having guest rooms ready for check-in for 1.5-2 hours after the specified hour and tubs and sinks that were so slow to drain that a shower meant standing in 4+ inches of water.  If you don't stay there, make it a point to get to Sunday Brunch and enjoy the spoils.

As for Columbus, we didn't go to the city.  We simply passed it.  But I will say I have never seen such a high concentration of highway patrol cars anywhere, ever, as near Columbus.  Speeding will get you pulled over in a quick minute.  The state of Ohio must have made a nice bit of change yesterday.

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